Monday, January 30, 2012

breakfast to go

homemade yogurt parfaits
easy peasy to throw together the night before and grab the next morning before work.
there's lots of add-ins you can use.  i used plain low-fat yogurt, but you could use greek or vanilla.
i added a little lemon curd to the bottom topped it with frozen raspberries and homemade granola.
so yummy and quick!
i can't wait to try different variations. like banana, chocolate chips and slivered almonds.
or strawberries, granola and honey.
and you can add a bit of ground flax seed for added fiber. 
so many ways to mix up your morning routine.
p.s. granola recipe can be found here.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

bits of the weekend

hope you had a lovely weekend.
here are a few bits from mine.  not too much excitement.
we tackled gutting the master bath at our new place, which meant knocking down a 10 foot mirror glued to the wall.  which wasn't as problematic as i had anticipated. 
more to come on on the renovations in later posts.
have a wonderful week everyone!

Monday, January 16, 2012

carl sandburg home

this weekend was one of the first chilly weekends we've had.  but the warm sunshine made for a beautiful day.  saturday we strolled around the carl sandburg home, petting the goats and admiring the chickens.  i've toured the home before so this time we just wandered around the property and snapped photos.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


guess what?
still haven't guessed?
this photo is going to be featured in Our State magazine!!!
you heard me right.
one of my photos will be published!!!
Our State is a monthly North Carolina magizine that features the best of NC and it's people.
on the last page they print photos taken by locals called Tar Heel Images.
and lucky me was selected for the march issue.
check out the magazine.  it's a great publication and be sure to get your hands on a copy of the march issue!

in other news...
i've lost four pounds!
go me, go me!
i've weened myself off sugar, unless it's natural, like fruits and honey.
tomorrow will be a test.
i'm turning 31 and i love cake.
i've told everyone no cakes, but then my mom brings over 24 bite size red velvet cupcakes.
so far, i've only had one.
and i've thought about the other 23 mini cakes for the past hour.
maybe i will have one more tomorrow and freeze the rest.
wish me luck...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!
have a sweet treat on me folks!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

4 days in

day four.
of my give up sugar/lose weight lifestyle.
i love sweets.  i think about them often.
cakes, cookies, pies 
now, i'm feeling confident about this whole diet thing.
although, i wouldn't call it a diet.  more of a new way of eating.
i've made this same resolution every year for the past 4 or 5 and this time i think know i'm gonna stick with it.
i want to feel better about myself and have more confidence IN myself.
i've been reducing my portions, staying away from sugar unless it's natural, like honey.
my snacks have consisted of nuts, fruit, mozzerella cheese sticks, greek yogurt.
breakfast has been oatmeal, multi-grain cheerios, turkey sausage, nutri-grain waffles.
and the snack of the moment-a frozen banana blended with a tablespoon of pb, a few sprinkles of cocoa powder, and a 1/4 cup fat free milk.  so good!  it's like ice cream!
so here's to a fresh start and hopefully the beginnings of a new me!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


the hubs and i watched the ball drop from our couch on new years eve while sipping on fresh, homemade mimosas.
we spent the first day of 2012 eating the typical meal of black eyed peas and greens (grown in my mama's garden, i might add).
i've spent the day thinking of several resolutions i want to make.  as always, i would like to be fit and healthy, drop some weight and feel more confident about myself.
that's what my main focus will be and this year i'm gonna do it!
the hubs and i will (hopefully) be moving into my grandpa's house closer to both our parents by the end of the year.  i'm hoping our house sells and we can be moved by the end of 2012.
there's a lot of work i want to complete before we move in while the house is empty.
i have the kitchen planned out.  we've bought the butcher block countertops and the white farmhouse sink.
we just need to paint the cabinets white and replace some light fixtures.
the master bath will get a total re-do and we've got our work cut out for us.
more on that to come with photo ideas!
2012 will be a great year!
what are your resolutions?