Thursday, December 6, 2012

dear santa,

i've tried been good all year! 
except for that one time...
nevermind that!
who's keeping track!
anyway, so here's my list.
Excursion quilted vest in herringbone
Image of Volume Six
my very own copy of kinfolk
NEW -  green marble necklace
this lovely marble necklace from etsy
i thought i would ask for one piece this year, instead of the whole set. 
chemex. to make fabulous slow brewed coffee for more than one.
breville juicer. so i can get back on track with my diet.
trip to ireland.  we talk about this every year.  maybe this will be the year?!
if ireland is too much to ask for, at least another trip to this city
to hang out with this girl and her beau.
i've kept it simple so you shouldn't have any trouble.
sincerely yours,

Friday, November 23, 2012

a new outfit


this would be a perfect outfit for a saturday running errands or doing a bit of christmas shopping.
i ordered a pair of pony hair loafers.  i have a chambray button down and a gold watch.
i'm a scarf hoarder so all i need is this vest from j. crew and a louis vuitton bag and i will be all set!
a girl has to look stylish while battling crowds at the mall right?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

fall at biltmore

whenever i need to get away, biltmore is just an hour away, but feels like another country.
the leaves were beginning to turn and bears were preparing for the winter! such a sight to see!

those rare moments

when my bestie and her man came home from NYC for a visit a couple weeks ago, i had to get some good southern cookin' in them.  we had a little dinner party with cubed steak, gravy, cornbread and the fixin's.
and you can never say no to a few bottles of vino.  
that evening, even though time passed so quickly, is one i will remember for a while.
here's to some special folks that i am thankful to have in my life!

pumpkins and misty mornings

i'm happiest this time of year.  we are entering a season of thanksgiving, a season tangled with the warmth of family and friends. i only wish october lasted longer.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

(almost) autumn

yep, it's here in our house.  my fall decor is out.
just one last vase of flowers from the gardens before it all withers away.
there's soup simmering in the crockpot and a pumpkin pie waiting to be devoured.
i couldn't be more excited for this change of season.  it's much needed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


summer is winding down.  i can feel it.
it's been a rainy summer, which makes everything so green and lush.
and although we've had some scorchers, august is turning out to be a mild month.
foggy mornings give way to evening thunderstorms.
but fall is coming soon.
crisp mornings, pumpkins, glowy afternoons, apple pies.
it's gonna be here before we know it and so i bid farewell to summer!