Wednesday, September 29, 2010

step, step, click.

this sums it all up. my husband says whenever i have my camera in hand, it's a constant step, step, click. step, step, click. i wouldn't dare miss a shot! so this quote speaks to my heart in so many ways.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the weekend.

the first saturday of the fall season i was outta bed with the sun. i took a stroll around the yard while the hubby slept. just me and my camera enjoying the quiet, cool morning.

then i whipped up a homemade, from scratch southwestern fritatta. so yummy. mushrooms, minced garlic, peppers sauted in a pan with butter. then i added eggs scrambled with cheese and some diced ham, seasoned with some cumin, salt and pepper. topped it with fresh cilantro and popped it into the oven to set. and voila! a one dish breakfast with a sliced apple on the side.

then we met up with some dear friends, piled in a car and set off up the mountain to the farmers market in asheville. we wandered around there for several hours, both jessi and i wishing we could do this every day.

we were in awe of all the pumpkins and all the varieties there were! i mean, who knew there were so many! i want a pumpkin farm of my very own.

and i couldn't leave without some nc mountain apples. i only bought a half a peck, for now. i will be back for more!

oh and i have to tell you about the jelly i bought. blackberries and brandy. O. M. G. such a powerful combination. i spread a bit on my waffles this morning. i may or may not have had a couple spoonfuls straight outta the jar, too. there were also so many other unusual flavors. i'll have to go back for more of that too.

i hope everyone had a fantastic first weekend of fall! i know i did.

Monday, September 27, 2010


i read this post just this morning on summer harms.
it hit home to me. read it. i know you will get something out of it.
by the way, food, inc. is on my list of documentaries to see. promises to be eye-opening.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

it's fall y'all!!

and that means it's time for pumpkins, hearty foods, cozy scarfs, and pretty dancing leaves. i'll be spending my weekend welcoming in this gorgeous season with a trip to the farmers market to pick out some lovely pumpkins and fresh, crisp north carolina mountain apples. time to whip up some apple brown betty and decorate my door step for the season! i have growled about the summer heat since, um, may. my husband has lost count of all the times i have mumbled the phrase "i hate summer." now my mood will be more pleasant and i can enjoy life again...until next may. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

friday wishlist

this useful herb drying rack is top of the list. i wish i had of bought this earlier in the summer when herbs were taking over!

i need ( this pretty little bird bath.

and this crock for composting. i've seen this at tj maxx for $12.99 and will probably be buying it for myself this weekend. i'm excited to start a compost pile. i think about it everytime i throw food waste down the disposal. why waste such good fertalizer!

is there anything on your wishlist for fall? oh, and by the way, hubby, if you're reading this, all of these items make great gifts!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

autumn days

apparently there was something going on outside the neighborhood this afternoon. helicopters hovered around for about 30 minutes. and now on to better things...

you know what i love about autumn? the crisp, clear skies...

the ripples that clouds make...

the way the evening light illuminates everything around...

and i love the fact that my spinach, arugula, and lettuce seeds have sprouted! yay for fall!

Monday, September 13, 2010

somewhere, anywhere

i've been craving a getaway and i think charleston would be the perfect spot. maybe i'll pay my favorite city a little visit this weekend! i would love to walk the cobblestone streets and eat some tasty seafood one last time before cold weather sets in.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

september mornings

i'm more of a morning person and i love my quiet time on weekend mornings. i can sip my coffee and sit on my porch and take it all in. i've been waiting for cool mornings all summer and am so excited that they are finally here!

Friday, September 10, 2010

a little pretty

this little guy was searching for necter on my butterfly bush this afternoon. it's amazing the detail in creatures great and small. such a lovely insect to marvel at.

Monday, September 6, 2010

he's a keeper

i think this little guy has found himself a home. lulu is adjusting and i actually caught them playing together this morning. we still haven't decided on a name yet. the hubs wants to call him leonard, but i'm not feeling it. my dad called him rufus...kind of cute. any ideas on what we should call him?

Farewell to Summer

labor day marks the beginning of fall for me. it's a long awaited day and i am thrilled it's finally here! i know fall doesn't technically begin until late september, but the crisp mornings, low humidity, and fresh picked apples have got me giddy to begin my favorite season. i hope everyone enjoys their labor day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

the little beast

this little guy decided to wonder into our lives today. the hubs found him in our yard while he was washing the car. of course we had to give him a home. however, lulu, our other kitty, is not happy about this at all. will she adjust? she's kind of a quirky cat to begin with and right now she is totally out of her element.

a bright crisp morning

it's 65 degrees out! and this is my 100th post!!