Thursday, October 25, 2012

fall at biltmore

whenever i need to get away, biltmore is just an hour away, but feels like another country.
the leaves were beginning to turn and bears were preparing for the winter! such a sight to see!

those rare moments

when my bestie and her man came home from NYC for a visit a couple weeks ago, i had to get some good southern cookin' in them.  we had a little dinner party with cubed steak, gravy, cornbread and the fixin's.
and you can never say no to a few bottles of vino.  
that evening, even though time passed so quickly, is one i will remember for a while.
here's to some special folks that i am thankful to have in my life!

pumpkins and misty mornings

i'm happiest this time of year.  we are entering a season of thanksgiving, a season tangled with the warmth of family and friends. i only wish october lasted longer.