Sunday, June 26, 2011

joys and pleasures

some little bits of summer taken with the polaroid app on my phone.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

more on that

more exciting scenes from our night at the celtic tavern.
such a typical southern atmosphere.

Monday, June 20, 2011

the weekend.

this was one of those weekends that could go on forever.
my favorite girl in pretty much the whole world was in town!
we spent friday together and it just wasn't long enough.
we had a yummy brunch at over easy cafe in downtown asheville.
browsed the massive antique barn in biltmore, sipped wine at the red stag grill.
chatted, caught up on old times, made many new memories.
and since neither of us wanted to part ways, we had a few drinks at the hare and the hound in landrum.
and made our way to the celtic tavern, a local down-home bar.
there the events that took place were unexpected. 
our first impression wasn't stunning but as the night grew old and the band played and the drinks were flowing,
we both found ourselves having one hellava good time.
as two a.m. was nearing we said our goodbyes and i've missed that city girl since!
so many giggles, so many smiles, so many goofy car-dancing moments that i will cherish until the next time.
moments like that are what life is all about.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

summer survival

how do you beat the summer heat?
just give me festive cupcakes, an anthropologie dress, endless amounts of mojitos, fresh veggies, yummy grilled food, and string lights.
just toss in some friends and i can survive anything.

the garden

we have two raised beds and they are doing exceptionally well considering this is our first garden.
i'm so excited to see how it grows everyday.  we've eaten so many salads from our lettuce already and are now starting to get some tomatoes.  tomorrow i should be able to pick my first cucumber. the peppers are growing nicely and the beets are getting bigger everyday.  tending to the garden has not been difficult at all.  it's actually pretty relaxing in the evenings after a long day.  i'm looking forward to a summer of fresh veggies! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

vacation wrap-up

sadly, our vacation is over and it's back to the real world.
here are some photos from the past week.
top photos: camping at Mt. Pisgah off the Blue Ridge Parkway.
bottom photos: a few days spent in charleston.