Sunday, January 1, 2012


the hubs and i watched the ball drop from our couch on new years eve while sipping on fresh, homemade mimosas.
we spent the first day of 2012 eating the typical meal of black eyed peas and greens (grown in my mama's garden, i might add).
i've spent the day thinking of several resolutions i want to make.  as always, i would like to be fit and healthy, drop some weight and feel more confident about myself.
that's what my main focus will be and this year i'm gonna do it!
the hubs and i will (hopefully) be moving into my grandpa's house closer to both our parents by the end of the year.  i'm hoping our house sells and we can be moved by the end of 2012.
there's a lot of work i want to complete before we move in while the house is empty.
i have the kitchen planned out.  we've bought the butcher block countertops and the white farmhouse sink.
we just need to paint the cabinets white and replace some light fixtures.
the master bath will get a total re-do and we've got our work cut out for us.
more on that to come with photo ideas!
2012 will be a great year!
what are your resolutions?

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