Thursday, December 6, 2012

dear santa,

i've tried been good all year! 
except for that one time...
nevermind that!
who's keeping track!
anyway, so here's my list.
Excursion quilted vest in herringbone
Image of Volume Six
my very own copy of kinfolk
NEW -  green marble necklace
this lovely marble necklace from etsy
i thought i would ask for one piece this year, instead of the whole set. 
chemex. to make fabulous slow brewed coffee for more than one.
breville juicer. so i can get back on track with my diet.
trip to ireland.  we talk about this every year.  maybe this will be the year?!
if ireland is too much to ask for, at least another trip to this city
to hang out with this girl and her beau.
i've kept it simple so you shouldn't have any trouble.
sincerely yours,