Tuesday, May 29, 2012


the hubs and i had a wonderful memorial day.
we spent the afternoon with my family wandering around the world's largest home.
we finally bought our season passes and cannot wait to spend lazy days here strolling the property and gardens.  every time we leave i anticipate the next time we'll be back.
here's to bike rides, lots of wine, endless photos and plenty of memories to make!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

the market place

the hubs and i discovered a new (to us) place this weekend in asheville.
the market place.
all local ingredients.
and it's been around for 33 years.
where have i been?
it's my new favorite place and i'm already anticipating the next time we go back.
i had my first pimm's cup and i'm hooked.
there's lots more on the menu to try, from drinks to entrees to desserts.
it's the perfect place to spend a special evening or to make a dull evening special!


sometimes all you need is to spend time in the kitchen on a saturday morning.
and this breakfast is quick, healthy and tasty!
for fluffy eggs i like to add just a tad bit of cream and for a kick i added a few dashes of jalapeno sauce.
just half an avocado, splash with fresh squeezed lime juice and top with cilantro.
spread raspberry jam on whole wheat toast.
and the kicker: a vodka cocktail, for breakfast!  YES!
i squeezed a grapefruit into a glass, added a bit of pineapple juice, a shot of vodka, and topped it off with club soda and ice.
a great meal to start your day off with.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

new york city

the second leg of my vacation, i traveled to nyc to visit my best girl, beth.
after hitting congested traffic early that morning in charlotte, missing my flight and re-booking, i finally made it to nyc later that afternoon. she picked me up from the airport with some much needed macaroons and we headed home to settle in and have a late lunch.
that evening we ventured out to the west side and had cucumber cocktails and appetizers at cafe gitane at the jane hotel.  the cutest, quirkiest place where the bell hops still wear red-tail coats and top hats.
we strolled a bit then met up with tony at mtk tavern and laughed until early hours.
needless to say i slept great that night and woke refreshed and ready for the day ahead.
friday was low-key.  beth had some errands to run and once she was finished, we ventured out to greenwich ave and had a late lunch of buckwheat crepes at milo melo and strolled boutiques for a few hours.
after, we headed home, freshened up and headed out to port chester to one of mario batali's restaurants, tarry lodge.
the food was unreal and the company was even better.
we hit up bar taco after and had mojitos to end the night.
saturday was our city day.  we wandered around the metropolitan museum of art for hours, strolled through central park and tried a few different macaroons from different places.
dinosaur bbq was mentioned as a possible dinner spot and i was hesitant because you can't get good bbq outside of the south.  boy was i wrong.  it was good. soooo good. 
and the homemade key lime pie...killer!
we called it a night at that point because neither one of us was capable of moving after that meal.
sunday was my last day and we left for the airport a little after noon.  it's always sad to leave but knowing that i will be back keeps my spirits up.
i miss my girl but am so thankful for the laughs, car dancing, and good times!

hunting island

time has gotten away from me.  four weeks ago i was anticipating my vacation and now it's suddenly two weeks after my vacation.  where does time go?
anyway, the hubs and i enjoyed a nice little camping trip to hunting island, south carolina.
we spent two lovely nights with a couple friends playing in the sand, collecting sand dollars, splashing in the waves and counting hundreds of jellyfish.  our campsite was even raided by raccoons.
nonetheless, we enjoyed every minute of it and i can't wait to go back.
we had lunch in the small town of beaufort, and spent a few hours reveling in its' charm.
then it was over the bridge to what felt like a secluded part of the world.
we woke early each morning to greet the sunshine, cooked by campfire, and even climbed a lighthouse.
it was a dreamy place and many memories were made.