Wednesday, January 11, 2012


guess what?
still haven't guessed?
this photo is going to be featured in Our State magazine!!!
you heard me right.
one of my photos will be published!!!
Our State is a monthly North Carolina magizine that features the best of NC and it's people.
on the last page they print photos taken by locals called Tar Heel Images.
and lucky me was selected for the march issue.
check out the magazine.  it's a great publication and be sure to get your hands on a copy of the march issue!

in other news...
i've lost four pounds!
go me, go me!
i've weened myself off sugar, unless it's natural, like fruits and honey.
tomorrow will be a test.
i'm turning 31 and i love cake.
i've told everyone no cakes, but then my mom brings over 24 bite size red velvet cupcakes.
so far, i've only had one.
and i've thought about the other 23 mini cakes for the past hour.
maybe i will have one more tomorrow and freeze the rest.
wish me luck...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!
have a sweet treat on me folks!

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