Monday, January 3, 2011

what will this year bring?

ok.  so i've thought about my resolutions for the new year.
only a little bit though.  it seems every january when a new year rolls around, i'm motivated, i'm ready to dive right into plans and goals for the "new" year.
this year, not so much.  i'm not feeling as driven as i should.
partly because i see obstacles hindering me from starting my diet or from adding to our savings account.
what hinderances you ask?
how about the 5 bags of candy hiding in the pantry that i can't bare to see go to waste.
or the fact that this coming week will be stressful at work and i will be working til late in the evening and can't plan and cook a healthy meal for me and the hubs.
add to that, my birthday is next week (the big 30) and of course there will be cake. 
there's always cake right?
and starting a savings account?  psh!  how about a microwave that quits on new years day? a car that needs a set of new tires and some minor, but still drivable, issues that need fixing.
yeah, i know in retrospect, these "problems" could be alot worse and they aren't nearly as complex as what others are going throught right now. 
i'm blessed beyond compare.
i have a loving family, a nice house, i'm warm, and have pretty much all my needs met and two cute kitties to boot!
so tomorrow will be a new day and i will take each one day by day.
happy new year.

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