Wednesday, January 5, 2011

cats and bread.

i had twelve days off from work to celebrate the holidays.
it was a whirlwind and flew by so quick.  i would give anything to have just one more day.
the last day of my vacation i did have to go into the office for a few hours but i resolved to come straight home and spend some time relaxing and baking.
the kitties decided to relax too, a little more than me.
one of my favorite christmas gifts was from my mom and it was a cuisinart food processor.
such a wonderful surprise!  i made my first loaf of homemade wheat bread and it was so easy.
and ever so yummy!  i cannot wait to make lots more loaves.


  1. pretty pretty babies. i keep thinking i need a nice food processor but there is no room. yours sounds delish.

  2. What adorable kittens you've got! As for a 12 day vacation - I'm envious, but I'm sure those days flew right by! Glad your food processor is such a hit - freshly baked whole wheat bread sounds delicious!