Friday, January 11, 2013


is it really 2013?
as a child, this was classified as "the space age".
we were supposed to have flying cars by now!
and robots for maids.
well, maybe my whole thought process as a child was swayed by the jetsons.
but let's face it folks, we're livin' in the future!
and i'm about to turn...
gulp! 32!
these are the years i romantisized about as a child.
i constantly wished to be an adult.
i couldn't wait to be on my own, to have my own house, husband, children.
make my own rules!
a part of me feels like i'm lost somewhere between growing up and growing old.
i don't "feel" like an adult.  at times i guess you could say i don't exactly act like one either.
i (we) have a house (and in the process of moving to another).
i have a husband.
i have a career.
no children yet though.
staring at the face of 32, i still feel like i have time.
but in the reality of things, i feel too old.
is that possible?  are you with me?
when does it click that i am in my thirties?
maybe this will be the year.
maybe this will be the year that i finally feel "settled down".
hopefully our house will sell, we'll move to our forever home.
maybe think about having kids.
but that's still a bit down the road.  i've still got some livin' to do!
and on that note, and better late than never, here are a few of my resolutions:
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shed some pounds.
i know, i know, you've all heard this before.
this is my year.  i'm gonna do it!
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go to a salon and get a hair style! dang woman!
i've had the same one-length style for the past few years. 
and i wear it the same way every. single. day.
it's time for a change.
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bake more.
cook more.
spend more time in the kitchen.
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be more homey and make things!
like body scrubs!
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take more pictures and learn photoshop.
'nuff said.
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have more adventures!
hiking, day trips, weekend getaways, sunday drives.
i've gots lots of living to do.
2013 is gonna be a great year.
let's do this!

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