Sunday, May 13, 2012

hunting island

time has gotten away from me.  four weeks ago i was anticipating my vacation and now it's suddenly two weeks after my vacation.  where does time go?
anyway, the hubs and i enjoyed a nice little camping trip to hunting island, south carolina.
we spent two lovely nights with a couple friends playing in the sand, collecting sand dollars, splashing in the waves and counting hundreds of jellyfish.  our campsite was even raided by raccoons.
nonetheless, we enjoyed every minute of it and i can't wait to go back.
we had lunch in the small town of beaufort, and spent a few hours reveling in its' charm.
then it was over the bridge to what felt like a secluded part of the world.
we woke early each morning to greet the sunshine, cooked by campfire, and even climbed a lighthouse.
it was a dreamy place and many memories were made.

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