Monday, June 20, 2011

the weekend.

this was one of those weekends that could go on forever.
my favorite girl in pretty much the whole world was in town!
we spent friday together and it just wasn't long enough.
we had a yummy brunch at over easy cafe in downtown asheville.
browsed the massive antique barn in biltmore, sipped wine at the red stag grill.
chatted, caught up on old times, made many new memories.
and since neither of us wanted to part ways, we had a few drinks at the hare and the hound in landrum.
and made our way to the celtic tavern, a local down-home bar.
there the events that took place were unexpected. 
our first impression wasn't stunning but as the night grew old and the band played and the drinks were flowing,
we both found ourselves having one hellava good time.
as two a.m. was nearing we said our goodbyes and i've missed that city girl since!
so many giggles, so many smiles, so many goofy car-dancing moments that i will cherish until the next time.
moments like that are what life is all about.

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