Monday, January 31, 2011

goodbye january!

i have never been so happy to see a month OVER!
january was a tough month.  i had such high hopes the end of december that i would start a clean slate.
i would accomplish things.
however, that hasn't been the case.  i feel like a whole month is gone.
so, where does that leave me now?  well, january may be over, but february is here and everything is made new again.  time to get down to business.
time to focus on my diet and health.
time to tuck away a few dollars.
time to make more time for those closest to me.
 and most of all time to smile through the tough times and realize all things happen for a reason.
soooo.....did anyone else have beautiful weather this past weekend?
it was in the 70's here!
my soul is aching for spring and this weekend was just a tease.
i did manage to sneak in some yummy treats and discover a fabulous new place.
books and breadboard.
it's a small artisan deli inside a local bookstore.
a novel idea right?
we had this delightful cheese board.

an evening should always end with a cupcake.

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