Thursday, January 13, 2011

celebrations and resolutions

i celebrated by 30th birthday by being snowed in.  it was honestly comforting and relaxing.
my dad came to pick me up so i wouldn't have to drive in the icy mess and my mom cooked a wonderful birthday meal with cake!
i was glad to see the sparkly sun melt away some of the snow and it glistened so bright on the ground.
now, i think i'm ready to think about my new year's resolutions.
these are in no particular order, just small steps to accomplish a few goals this year.

1. wear red lipstick. i bought a tube before christmas and have not been brave enough to wear it.
2. exercise regularly. i always resolve to lose weight so maybe if i just make a habit to exercise and not focus on seeing results, it might be a bit easier.
3. learn the art of baking.
4. get back into hiking. plain and simple. seek nature.
5. read the stacks of books i have.
6. simplify and organize. hello yardsales!
7. drink more water.
8. ride my bike.
9. set up an etsy shop. i've got lots of ideas!
10. breathe. just slow down and breathe.

none of these are drastic and by no means unattainable.
i can do this!


  1. i know you will have a great etsy - can't wait to see it open! i love your resolutions

  2. The pic of you is GORGEOUS! I too like the resolutions. Toss the scale and just focus on being healthy, I always say. It's not about a silly image others impose on's about caring for the bodies God has entrusted to us. (And YES! THAT DOES MEAN I CAN STILL EAT CHEESE!)
    Red Lipstick? Oh yeah. (I might try that, and see if it makes my yellow tooth appear more white) lol

  3. Lily, You are so crazy! I'm coming to see you soon! XOXO