Tuesday, January 18, 2011

beof bourignon

my hubby and i had MLK day off and so i decided to get creative in the kitchen.
i made beof bourignon and not just any beof bourignon, but julia child's beof bourignon.
and let me say...it was nothing short of amazing!
i'm somewhat, only somewhat, obsessed with french food and the romanticism of france since seeing julie and julia last year.  i own the movie and have only watched it a few dozen times.
meryl streep played a brilliant part in the movie and always makes me smile throughout.
i bought mastering the art of french cooking.  it's a classic and the first recipe i made sure to try, definitely not the last, was her beof bourignon.
it did not fail to impress me.  i cannot wait to "master" more of her recipes.
any suggestions?


  1. I've been wanting to make this ever since Julie & Julia came out and have yet to. You've got me inspired. It looks amazing!