Tuesday, November 2, 2010

full speed ahead

i think i missed something. 
ahh yes....HALLOWEEN!
it's the pivot point of fall for me...
it's the time of year when i can slow down and say "ahhhh"
yet i seem to have zoomed right by it this year.  i wasn't prepared for it's arrival.
the warm days down here in the south didn't quite put me in the mood for the most festive fall season and the slowly changing colors weren't very welcoming. 

but, it's over.  no more pumpkins, no more scaries, it's all glittery and flashy Christmas decorations.
don't get me wrong, i love the Christmas season, everything about it. 
however, i always look forward to halloween and crisp leaves and carving pumpkins and hearty foods and passing out candy to monsters and fairies, and i did none of that this year and i'm pretty sad.  i have enjoyed catching up on my blog reading and living vicariously through your halloween adventures!

maybe i can get a jump start on decorating for Chritsmas this year.  is this weekend too early?
maybe i'll get through thanksgiving first.
happy fall y'all!

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