Thursday, September 23, 2010

it's fall y'all!!

and that means it's time for pumpkins, hearty foods, cozy scarfs, and pretty dancing leaves. i'll be spending my weekend welcoming in this gorgeous season with a trip to the farmers market to pick out some lovely pumpkins and fresh, crisp north carolina mountain apples. time to whip up some apple brown betty and decorate my door step for the season! i have growled about the summer heat since, um, may. my husband has lost count of all the times i have mumbled the phrase "i hate summer." now my mood will be more pleasant and i can enjoy life again...until next may. :)


  1. i just hope it starts feeling like summer here soon. hope you have a great weekend!

  2. hi reagan! thanks SO MUCH for stopping by my blog today, and i would be delighted if you wanted to share my post! thank you so much!

    ps. i'm super excited about fall, too. there are yellow mums on my doorstep! hooray!