Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer to-do list

okay. so. it's summer. but it doesn't feel like summer except for the heat. oh gosh ...and the humidity! so long to good hair days for a while. hmph. oh well...the past few years i have lost touch with the summer i used to know. the summer where i felt free and had no curfew. i giggled...alot and didn't seem to mind the mosquitos.
with the job i have, we are at our busiest time of year. the stress level runs high. i want to do nothing more than come home to the couch and comfort myself (and the never-ending headache) with unhealthy foods and doing absolutely nothing until bedtime. i live for my weekends, might i add. all 3 days. i don't like to share them too much either. they're mine. all mine.

i need to get out of this rut. i always tell myself when spring rolls around that i'm gonna make the best of this summer...but honestly, i hardly ever do.
so with that said, here's my to-do list, for THIS summer:
  • master my camera
  • slip 'n' slide with my nephew at least once
  • relax
  • squirt my hubby with the water hose
  • buy fresh and local veggies
  • take a picnic
  • bike around town
  • buy bicycles first
  • go camping
  • catch lightening bugs
  • lay under the stars
  • make homemade ice cream and eat it on the porch on a sunday afternoon
  • turn off the tv and finish at least one book
  • pick wildflowers
  • take an evening drive with the windows down
  • listen to tree frogs and crickets sing to me
  • be happy and enjoy every minute of my life

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  1. oh, i love this list. love it love it love it