Sunday, June 27, 2010

in a baking mood

i'm not really that good at baking....well, i should say i'm not good at making baked goods look lovely. my pies, cakes, desserts and such may be really tasty but they are usually lacking in the presentation part. for instance, in my two attempts over the years at making a strawberry cake with starwberry cream cheese icing, i have successfully screwed it up. the first one i made i followed the recipe to a T, and some home how forgot to butter the pan the cakes where in. so none the less when i went to turn over the pan, there came the cake, in crumbles. this was my sisters birthday cake too. sigh. my second attempt i remembered to butter the pan. A-HA! that wasn't the issue this go round. this time it was the frosting. it never thickened. i added 2 WHOLE boxes of powdered sugar and it was still a runny goop. so i slathered it on and we ate it quickly before all the frostings ran off. this was mother's day last year. hmph. today i decided to make a homemade, from scratch blueberry pie. i had about 4 cups of blueberries that were from my mama's bushes and i didn't want them to go to waste. so i whipped up this beauty above. it's not the most beautiful thing, but OMG is it good! go ahead, stare at will make you drool, right?? recipe can be found here. although i cheated and used ready-made piecrust.


  1. i always cheat with the crust too. i know crust is supposed to be fairly easy using martha's version, but...LOL i'm not a good baker. but...this looks totally yummy.

  2. looks almost as beautiful as you sweetheart! xoxo