Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The start of something new

this isn't my usual post. no original photos today. this one's a bit more personal. you see, i've battled my weight for around 4 years now. last night the husband and i took action and joined a gym. we both have weight to lose. my ultimate goal is 60 pounds. on the more realistic, short-term side-30 pounds would be ideal. if i can reach that goal by beach time at the end of May i will be pleasantly pleased. so everyone say a little prayer for me and if any of you sweet dears have any advice on dieting, work-outs, etc. please share. encouragement is welcome. i want this to be my year of change. i want to have my confidence and energy back. i don't want to hide behind the lens of my camera any longer. this is it! i'm gonna do it people!

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